How to Enter

Targeted Meets

A full season Calendar of Events is available here - these events are targeted meets.

A targeted meet means that it is our intention to encourage any MBS athlete to participate (pending the athlete meets any required performance prerequisites) 

Most of the time, Moreton Bay Swimming coaching staff will be in attendance at all Targeted Meets.

Entering a meet - Instructions

Entering a meet - Instructions

To enter any upcoming meets, you will need the following;

Complete General Membership Form

Complete payment of General Membership Fee

Register for a Swim Central account

Complete payment of Competitive Membership Fee, via Swim Central

Enter the meet via the Swim Central Portal

How often should I compete?

MBS coaches understand that hanging out at Chandler for six hours is not an enjoyable experience for swimmers and parents. 

We also understand that people live busy lives and often need to travel to  several venues for different sporting commitments over the weekend.  

Therefore, we ask swimmers and parents to enter the event they wish to enter first. Coaches will then have a look at the entries and advise you of any recommended changes. 

Need more help with Swim Central - Click this link

On this page you will find all the help you need when it comes to Swim Central.

Read through the frequently asked questions, learn how to navigate the system or access the full list of help files (including a combination step-by-step and/or videos)